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As a founding member of Pearl at the Mailbox, your donation will allow me to travel across the nation to not only share my experience of being trafficked, but shine a light on grooming,
My name is Sheri and as a survivor of child grooming and sex trafficking, I am on a mission to educate as many people as possible about the child grooming process, what it looks like, what to do about it and provide intervention tools to parents who suspect their child may be in the grooming process. Will you join me?
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Arizona Human Trafficking Tip Line: 1-877 -429-8477
888-SOS-CHILD. Where Hope Lives 24/7 Hotline: 1-602-516-0033

Rescue America Hotline - 713.322.8000 

Working with Arizona Lawmakers to hold the sellers and buyers of
children accountable for their actions.

The 2024 Arizona legislation process is in full swing with several bills relating to child trafficking making their way through the House and Senate.

HCR2042 has passed through the House and Senate will be placed on the November Arizona ballot to allow the voters to decide if a person who sells or buys a minor for sex would get life in prison without the possibility of parole. This would be a BIG Win!

HB2623 has passed through the House and Senate would allow adults who were trafficked and charged with prostitution to petition the Arizona courts to have those charges sealed. This bill has gone to the Arizona Governor's desk, which was signed into law on May 22.24!


Here are the current Arizona base penalties for buying sex with a minor:

  • Under 15 years of age - class 2 felony, which can include on average up to 12 years in prison and/or a monetary fine.

  • Ages 15- up to the child's 18th birthday - class 6 felony, which can include on average 2 years in prison and/or a monetary fine.

What is grooming?

What is Trafficking?

Take Action NOW!

No child is immune to being groomed or trafficked.

'Stop the Game' 

Here's the reality: Groomers will use any tool at their disposal, including social media & apps to manipulate a child/teen into thinking they are a friend or love interest with the end goal of trafficking.

It is important to have the uncomfortable and awkward conversation of grooming to keep your children safe because children are now being trafficked right from the security of their own home via pictures, videos and live streaming.

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Sheri shares how she was groomed at the age of 15:

After many years of deep consideration, Sheri has chosen to share her journey through the grooming process that led up to being trafficked in her newly released memoir. Her goal is to show the reader how a groomer operates & signs to look for. There is no graphic content in the book and is appropriate for all ages.  
Also available on Audible.
Thank you for your support!

  "Sheri Lopez is one of the most courageous women I know.  She has written a book about her experiences as a trafficked child.  It can be read cover-to-cover in 3 hours. It should be required reading for ALL parents.  It is a riveting account which lays bare the satanic epidemic that is afoot throughout the world right under our noses, while remaining undetected.  I had no clue that this evil operation is thriving in our neighborhoods and the book is wonderfully written to give the reader a clear idea of how it is able to function in plain sight, and the difficulties of being able to be detected.  Anyone who reads this book will be impacted beyond their imagination.  I strongly urge people to read this book after hearing her brave presentation.  

     Thanks for all that you do."


Standing for Liberty,

Ray Sweeney

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